China Will Play Productive job in Progress of India-Pakistan Ties:


Will play ‘productive job’ in progress of India-Pakistan ties: China

China said on Thursday it will play a ‘productive job’ in the improvement of relations among India and Pakistan, days after the second casual summit between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and President Xi Jinping.

Explaining on the comments Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi in his instructions to the Chinese media on October 13 where he expressed that China’s ‘particular relations with India, Pakistan and other South Asian nations could keep running in parallel and grow together’, the outside service said China truly trusts that the New Delhi and Islamabad will improve their relations.

Wang was cited as saying the state-run Xinhua news office that that ‘China’s separate relations with India, Pakistan and other South Asian nations could keep running in parallel and grow together, neither focusing on any outsider nor being affected an outsider’.

Requested to expound Wang’s comments, the outside service in a composed reaction to the media on Thursday stated, “As a typical neighbor and companion of India and Pakistan, China genuinely trusts that China-India relations will be great, China-Pakistan relations will be great and India-Pakistan relations will be great and everybody will cooperate to advance provincial solidness and improvement.”

“It is trusted that India and Pakistan will live in congruity, resolve questions between the two nations through tranquil methods, supplant encounter with exchange, resolve contrasts in compliance with common decency and make a future through participation. China is eager to assume a helpful job in such manner,” it said.

Pressure among India and Pakistan heightened after New Delhi denied Jammu and Kashmir’s unique status on August 5.

Pakistan has downsized political ties with New Delhi and ousted the Indian High Commissioner. India keeps up that the Kashmir issue is a two-sided one and no outsider has any job in it.


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